SOC as a Service

Best Service, Right Time, Right People

Managed SOC

Softaxa provide a full suite of flexible Managed and Virtual Security Operations Centre (SOC) services to organization’s that don’t want to run their own SOC in house. Our India based SIOC is operated by experienced cybersecurity analysts.

The costs of setting up and running a SOC operating 24/7 can be prohibitively expensive not to mention the difficulty in recruiting and retaining security analysts. Many organizations have gone down this route but have come to the conclusion that ‘SOC as a Service’ provides a viable, cost effective alternative strategy. We provide the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform as part of the our fully managed service or can provide virtual SOC services for organization’s on demand.

Managed SOC 

Softaxa provide a fully managed service from start to finish so that an organization’s internal IT and security staff can spend their time dealing with and blocking identified threats. Often organization’s try and fail to identify genuine threats in time to stop attackers gaining a foothold or exploiting a security breach. Softaxa analysts are experienced across the full spectrum of cyber capability including threat intelligence and cyber reconnaissance and as a matter of course tune the Softaxa tools to cover the latest cyber threats. Softaxa offer different options to organization’s considering managed SOC services, typically we recommend our own set of tools, which needs to be deployed in organization’s IT infra for seamless operations. For larger companies there are other options that we can offer based on customer requirements and budget.

Virtual SOC

Already Have your tools in place & still facing difficulties. We do offer a virtual SOC service whereby the client owns the SIEM platform but it is set-up, managed, monitored and tuned by cyber security analysts working in the softaxa’s SIOC. We have experience in working with many of the industry leading SIEM platforms so can offer advice and make
recommendations on purchase and configuration as required. Softaxa provide virtual SOC services 24/7 or can offer clients the option of an out of hours’ service to dovetail with an internal team.



  • SOC – Security Operations center
  • SIOC – Strategic Information & Operations center
  • SIEM – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)